Osot company history

Phromathat Osot Company Limited, established in2002

Mr. Somporn Changpuak (Mo Daeng) Orginator and founder of Phromathat Osot.

Our history begins in 2002 when Mr Somporn start using herbal medicine himself . After this he was convinced and made a vow in making herbal medicine with the aim that he wants the help the  people by use of authentic herbal medicines for health treatment.
Treatment against fever and symptoms without chemicals or synthetics.
Also people get to know the use of herbal medicines. We use a recipe that people around the world can help. Disease caused by deterioration of the body. When relieving symptoms such as aches and pains, including herbal compress and herbal balm. That is the recipe that has researched and researched
And experiential experience for at least 16 years.
Our pharmaceutical products have become increasingly famous to inherit the spirit and disseminate the knowledge. From our Thai ancestors who have expertise in Thai herbs and 4 types of healing elements, such as earth, water, wind and fire.

Phromat Osot Company Limited is planning to make various drug formulas for life and to help people

Healthy with Thai herbal recipes.