Herbal compress


Herbal compress for treatment and remedy for those with various aches.
Helps to relax the muscles , reduce inflammation and swelling.



  • Herbal compresses or “Luk Prakob” in Thai have been used in Thailand for hundreds of years in conjunction with traditional massage or as a stand-alone therapy .
  • It is approved and listed in the National List of Essential Medicines for the relief of muscle sprains and muscular and joint pain .
  • Herbal compress service is now provided for therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes in most public health service facilities in Thailand.
  • The composite effects of herbal compress derived from  heat conduction to increase regional blood flow to the affected areas1
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects of herbal ingredients.
  • Relaxation effects of aromatic volatile oil .
  • To achieve these effects, herbal compresses must be steamed for 10–15 minutes before their use to enable heat conduction and to facilitate the release of active substances and volatile oils from herbal ingredients.


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